Excellent Choices For Restaurants When Dining Out In Denver

Have you had the pleasure of trying any of the best Denver restaurants? You could make your rounds for quite some time before you visit them all. While reviewing restaurants in The Mile High City, I have ran across some unique gems. I hope you think that these four places to eat in Denver are some of the best that you’ve seen.

Let’s talk about a place called The Hornet, which is located at 76 North Broadway. Prime rib hash, dixie chicken, lobster mac and cheese and breakfast burritos are just some of what you’re able to order at The Hornet. There is a bloody mary bar there as well. People say the location is great. Some talk about eating brunch, while others talk about eating late at night, so evidently The Hornet is a place you can enjoy a meal pretty much all day long.

What about a restaurant called Uber Sausage? You can find Uber Sausage at 2730 East Colfax Avenue. Wouldn’t it be neat to order from Uber Sausage using Uber Eats? That’s just a little joke, but the food at Uber Sausage looks extraordinary by the way. Sausage sandwiches like The Baja and The Vietnam are some of the favorites served up at this great restaurant.

Red Rooster Cafe is also on this list of restaurants in Denver, and it’s on Washington Street. Red Rooster Cafe is a popular place for lunch, and it also appears that it’s a great breakfast stop, too. Gyros, biscuits and gravy, breakfast burritos, turkey sandwiches and more are what’s served up at this cafe. It is certainly known for its finger foods, which makes it a quick and convenient stop for a meal.

Fooducopia is located at 1939 East Kentucky Avenue, and it is known not just for amazing food but French press coffee. That sounds delicious, don’t you think? People call Fooducopia a hidden neighborhood gem, and what a name. It makes you think that you’re going to enjoy some of the best food in The Mile High City. It is a farm to table restaurant.

It is interesting to me how many farm to table restaurants I’ve ran into in Denver. It seems to be a big deal in the city. Farm to table restaurants are good for sure. That’s what you get with Fooducopia, and the three other Denver dining establishments are going to be just as good.