Here Are 3 Ways To Care For A Skateboard So Durable

Since skateboarding or mini longboard games have been facilitated by the increasing number of places that provide skateparks, we have become more active in exploring and exploring cool tricks read this. It could be, every evening we just practice to keep getting better.

If we practice more often, our skateboard automatically will also be used more frequently, and care must also be carefully considered so that it remains comfortable and safe to use. And most importantly, skateboard boards should be treated well so that they last. According to Stevanus Anton, owner of the Solitude brand, usually, a good board to be used as a skateboard is made of maple wood. Maple wood itself has been used for decades due to its good level of durability in all weather conditions.

It takes 7 layers of pressed maple wood board to make a skateboard board more flexible and not easily broken. Although this board is strong, over time, it can still be eroded. Therefore, we need to pay attention to these 3 maintenance tips for skateboard boards so that our skateboard boards last long!

1. Tires
The tire component consists of the tire itself and the bearings contained therein. Bearing is the most important thing that must always be maintained so that the wheels always turn well. How to clean it can use liquid fuel (gasoline) or cleaning Kutex (acetone). After that it is given a liquid lubricant, you can use a lubricant that is commonly used for sewing machines or you can also buy special skateboard bearing lubricants that are sold in stores.

2. Bushing
Bushing, which is the rubber that is on the skateboard truck (the axle on the skateboard). If the truck faces a heavy burden or is used for a certain time it will experience changes and sometimes it can even be torn. If it is torn, you should replace it with a new one.

3. Griptape
Griptape is the top of a skateboard that has a rough texture like sandpaper and is often dirty from dust or dirt from shoes. If left dirty without cleaning, grip tape will lose its function. So that you can grip your shoes to the maximum, don’t forget to clean them regularly.

Simply put the board in a vertical position, flush with water and brush using soapy water, then rinse thoroughly. The direction of the splash of water should be top to bottom so that the board is not submerged and can be dried properly.

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