Reasons For Pest Infestation In Office

Pest invasion could happen not only in houses but also office building. There are so many factors that could make a building invaded by pests. And the only thing to do in this situation is to call pest control Columbia SC to help you remove all the pest in your building. One of the reasons of pest invasion is an inspection of irregular maintenance of facilities can carry several risk factors, especially for old buildings or with structures that are weak and vulnerable to damage, such as cracks, cracks, holes and pipe leaks. Some of this damage gives pests to access such as ants, cockroaches, and mice to your office area. Rodents such as rats, in particular, tend to eat away at the wires found in the IT server room (because their teeth never stop growing) to sharpen their teeth, and in many cases, health and safety are at stake. Because the rat’s habit of eating away at the cable creates the risk of a short circuit in electricity or even worse cases such as a fire.

Pantry is the most popular meeting room for resting and preparing food for office employees; The pantry is also a public space where we throw away food scraps and there is a source of water from the tap. If not properly maintained, the area is at high risk of attracting pests that need a source of food, waste, and moisture to breed. Without applying diligent habits and applying them periodically, this room will turn into a high-risk hot spot for pests to breed in this public office area.

In general, every office at least has tried to control the presence of pests in the office area with quick solutions and DIY methods. But usually, this solution is not always successful and effective in controlling existing pest problems. In some cases, the same pest problem recurs and gets worse without effective treatment. Examination of the exact location done by professional pest control service is very important to identify the source of the root of the problem, especially at the points where it becomes a breeding ground for pests that are difficult to reach and clean up.

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