You Must Replace Your Pillow Once Per 6 Months To Avoid These Diseases

Did you know that the sleeping pillow that you use every day is also a nest of bacteria and other small animals Yes, even though it sounds like a nightmare, in fact, this is very likely to happen considering the pillow often sticks to your face (which is not necessarily clean) all night? In this article, we will share with you some diseases that you might get if you don’t replace your pillow routinely. Meanwhile, you can buy the best Kissen mit Spruch if you’re looking for a perfect pillow that can be a gift for someone special.

Here are some reasons why your pillow should be retired immediately and replace it with a new one:

1. Triggers of acne

The causes of acne are many, but who would have thought if the pillow could also be one of the causes. You can be exposed to bacteria that cause acne when you often stick your face to dirty objects, including pillows. A pillow that has been used for years is a gathering place for dust, oil, dead skin, sweat, remnants of makeup, even saliva. That is why the pillow must also be washed. If you are prone to breakouts, experts recommend washing pillowcases several times a week.

2. Mite nests

Generally, many people assume if the pillow is still comfortable to wear, it will not be replaced. But be careful of pillows that have been used for years usually ‘save’ microscopic creatures that can trigger allergies. This small, eight-legged creature aka mite is indeed too small to be seen with the naked eye. Even though the outside of the pillow looks good, who would have thought if there were mites and bacteria inside.

Actually mites do not carry disease. However, the enzymes in the stools are what can make some people allergic. In people who have asthma, the presence of these mites can make asthma symptoms worse.

3. Make a sore neck due to “the wrong pillow”

Forms of pillows that have been used for too long will rot and deflate so it is not comfortable to wear. In the end, this is what often causes you to complain of pain in the neck and shoulders because of the bad pillow.