These Reasons Make Vertical Housings In Huge Demand

Building a house in a small-sized country like Singapore is hard. It’s not just about finding a strategic place to build your house, but it’s also due to the scarcity of the plot of land that you need to have in order to build a standard house. That’s why you can expect why good condominium units like the M showflat is in huge demand. However, aside from that reason alone, there are some other reasons why people prefer to buy vertical residences instead of ordinary houses.

Here are some of those reasons that you need to know:

The small available land on the CBD

You can expect the CBD to be full of buildings. Although people love to hunt properties in this type of area, there are not many plots of land left that investors can buy to build standard type houses. That’s why in order to keep investing in the property business within such an area, they have to take advantage of the small plots of land that can still be bought, and this kind of land is usually surrounded by other buildings. Therefore, they have no other choice aside from building their property vertically.

Buyers can keep getting condominiums on the strategic location

It’s because of the fact that the available plots of land in CBD is being bought by a lot of people over and over again, it helps people to find a place to live in that strategic area easily. As long as there’s still enough space to build another condominium complex in that area, investors tend to build their condos there, while buyers can’t resist the convenience of living in a location that is close to their workplace or other important public facilities, and you can also feel the same comfort by buying a unit of the M showflat.

It reduces the risk of flood and termites

When you live above the ground, the risk of having flood water and termite invade your house is lowered significantly. That’s why if you worry about those risks, we recommend you to buy a condo unit that is on the 2nd floor or above. Additionally, we also suggest you check out the M condominium due to it’s located in a relatively safe place.

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