You Should Know How To Spend Your Time Well At The Campus

Almost every student thinks that part of life and death as a student while in college is in the hands of a supervisor. It’s because, the lecturer will guide, teach during the process of working on the thesis until it’s finished. So, the more often you meet lecturers to discuss thesis topics, then the thesis work can be finished faster. Given the busy schedule of lecturers, it’s good to arrange the guidance schedule well. The good senior Student advise you to Choose the right day without having to interfere with your schedule or your lecturer’s.

Reduce Temporary Pleasure

Most students find it difficult to control between lectures and worldly pleasures such as rah-rah with friends and so on. In fact, worldly pleasures are only temporary. Instead of spending a Saturday night or holiday at a cafe, mall or hang out with friends, it’s better to take advantage of that time by reading books, reading journals, doing assignments or continuing with thesis work.

It’s okay to hang out with friends, but don’t override your obligations as a student, which is learning. How much better, if you change the time to hang out by studying with friends. Try to make the most of your time so that you can graduate from college on time.

Manage Time Well

It cannot be denied that the burden borne during the lecture is not small, including having to attend regular lecture sessions, meet with supervisors, work on group assignments and are busy taking care of organizational events. A large number of activities that must be done makes you have to be smart in dividing your time.

Make a list of what activities to do. Then, determine which activities are the top priority that must be carried out. That way, it will make it easier for you to run various kinds of college activities.

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