Those of us with healthy and abled bodies can never truly understand the pain and the barrier that disabled and differently-abled people have to deal with when it comes to living a normal life. Things like a disabled parking spot and a wheelchair ramp outside some buildings are not going to cut it. There is a lot more work to be done, and one of the best ways we can ensure that is to listen to them and then try to accommodate those concerns and worries. The onus is on those of us that are not crippled by disability or chronic conditions to create a more inclusive world. We can take small initiatives like including paper straws for people with muscle problems, advocating for better medical care and health insurance at work, and so on. You too can be an ally by doing small things, and carrying a metal business card might be one of those things. You can look through different designs at Metal Business Kards as a start.

Metal business cards can be inclusive depending on how you have the font displayed. With metal cards, you have the option to have the text etched in the card. This is the more commonly opted-for design since it looks sleeker to most. However, the other option is to have the text stamped outward so the engravings of the font are visible and on top of the card as opposed to etched inside it. This allows people to run their hands over your business card and read the text like braille. It is a small step, but it can prove to be effective, especially if you are a disability advocate or work with people with disabilities, so if you are looking to get new business cards printed, you might as well given metal cards a go.